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Dr. Kim Dooley

Dooley, Dr. Kim
Dr. Kim Dooley
AGLS 240
(979) 458-7987
Undergraduate Education
B.S. (Texas A&M University) 1984
Graduate Education
M.Ed. (Texas A&M University) 1987
Ph.D. (Texas A&M University) 1995
Courses Taught
ALEC 610, 696

Research Topical

AreaFaculty and student development to internationalize the curriculum, Educational technology as a tool to improve teaching and learning, Program development and evaluation of distance education delivery techniques, Competency-Based Self Assessments with Expert Authenticaiton

Research Skillset

Social Science/Educational Research Design, Focus Group Data Collection,Semi-Structure Interviews, Content Analysis, Open/Axial Coding, Constant Comparative Method

Research Framework

Professional Interests
eLearning and Professional Development; Distance Education; Learner-centered Instructional Design; Delivery strategies; Technological Change; International Agriculture Development and Education