Dr. Joe Townsend Fellows

Dr. Joe D. Townsend ’67 ALEC Leadership Fellows
Texas A&M University


ALEC Leadership Fellows seek to change the world through enhanced leadership capacity and positive relationships with the global community.


The Leadership Fellows Program is a prestigious, rigorous, and unique environment where selected students enhance their leadership skills in an arena – beyond the university — that supports the fellows’ trials, errors, and successes. Leadership educators accept the fact that many people are socialized leaders who learned from experience and, consequently, shaped their leadership future accordingly. However, it is also highly accepted that leadership education augments achievement by initiating conscience decisions to focus on skill development and increase strengths to hasten leadership accomplishments. By combining these trains of thought, the Leadership Fellows Program systemizes executive leadership development.

Dr. Joe Leadership Fellow

Background and Purpose

The Leadership Fellows Program was created to bridge the educational gap between learning/understanding and grasping/implementation. Undergraduate university students who desired to expand their knowledge of leadership theory and application proposed the creation of the program. With the support of several donors, the program was initiated for launch in Spring, 2009.

Program Goals

The Leadership Fellows Program will contribute to the world through graduates with enhanced leadership capacity for positive relationships in the global community. The program is organized to explore five pillars of leadership competency: Professional Leadership Development, Personal Growth, Followership, Education, and Fellowship.

Expectations of Fellows

The students selected for the Leadership Fellows Program represent those who excel and/or have a keen desire to enhance their global leadership skills. The selected fellows demonstrate a(n):

  1. Desire to Increase Leadership Knowledge and Experience
  2. Service Orientation
  3. Passion for Excellence
  4. Willingness to Work in Teams
  5. Sense of Responsibility

The Leadership Fellows register for a 3 credit hour Spring semester class– Advanced Professional Leadership Development. One feature of the class is weekly guest speakers who guide a provocative discussion about his/her leadership experiences. The fellows contribute their thoughts, inquiries, and ideas during these critical sessions to help formalize their take-away and synthesize the information. The fellows also participate in a retreat prior to the semester. One field trip is planned for fellows to visit several organizations that exemplify successful leadership. At least one group service project reinforces the ideas of servant leadership. Through these high impact experiences, fellows develop an executive leadership approach to their current leadership contexts as well as a formalized marketable leadership philosophy and portfolio. Other aspects and outcomes:

  •  Relate to a mentor to facilitate relevance to future contexts
  • Shadow an outstanding leader to enhance understanding of current reality
  • Study a leader of your choice in-depth to challenge perspective
  • Increase understanding of leadership theory by bringing together readings and real life examples
  • Participate in formalized team development to increase proficiency in groups and teams

For more information contact Dr. Jen Strong, Texas A&M University, (979) 862-1423, dr.jen@tamu.edu

Application Form: Dr. Joe Townsend-Fellows Application-2022

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