The Department offers several teaching assistantship positions. Assistantships are available on a competitive basis to qualified individuals. It is assumed that you have applied for admission to the department if you are applying for an assistantship, however assistantship application is a separate application.  Specific assignments are made based upon the needs of the Department and the experience of the students. A letter of interest specifically detailing your qualifications should also accompany the application. You may apply for more than one position, but your qualifications should closely match the position description. If interested in applying for financial support or assistantship positions for Summer or Fall semesters, it is suggested that you submit your complete application materials by as early as possible. The deadline to apply for positions for Spring semester is October 1.

To apply, please submit the Graduate Assistant Application and cover letter(s) to Clarice Fulton (, Graduate Program Coordinator. If you have questions, please call 979-862-7180.

To review information on the position description of interest, click on the link below.

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