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Dr. Holli Leggette

Leggette, Dr. Holli
Dr. Holli Leggette
Associate Professor
262 Agriculture and Life Sciences Building - AGLS
(979) 458-3039
Undergraduate Education
B.S., Agricultural Business, Oklahoma Panhandle State University, 2005.
Graduate Education
M.S., Agricultural Communications, Oklahoma State University, 2007.
Ph.D., Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications, Texas A&M University, 2013
AAAE Western Region Early Career Award, 2017
Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists, Agricultural Communications Outstanding Innovative Poster, 2016
Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists, Agricultural Communications Outstanding Research Poster, 2015
Courses Taught
AGCJ 313, Agricultural Media Writing II
ALEC 604, Writing for Professional Publications

Research Topical Area

Investigating effective ways for delivering scientific information to diverse audiences; Identifying effective ways to prepare scientists to communicate with a global audience.

Research Skillset

Content analysis, Q methodology, interviews, focus groups, surveys

Research Framework

Professional Interests

Science communication; writing in agricultural communications; communication curriculum development for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and producers

Selected Extramural Funding

Dunsford, D., & Leggette (Archer), H. (Co-PI). (2018). Is it ethical? Preparing AGCJ majors to be ethical communicators. Funded by Texas A&M University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; $6,500 (50%; $3,250).

Neely, H., Leggette (Archer), H. (Co-PI), Foster, J., & Lewis, K. (2018–2021). Improve outreach to improve soils: Combining data, economics, and communication to improve soil health across the South Central United States. Funded by USDA NRCS Conservation Innovation Grants; $1,090,562 (25%; $272,640.50).

Leggette (Archer), H. (PI), Rutherford, T., & Ramasubramanian, S. (2018–2020). Telling the story of science: Empowering scientists to communicate. Funded by Texas A&M University T3-Triads for Transformation Program; $35,000 (34%; $11,900).

Leggette (Archer), H. (PI), & Murphrey, T. (2017–2019). Strengthening communication skills of agricultural students: Using real-world examples to meet industry employment needs. Funded by USDA NIFA Higher Education Challenge (HEC) Program; $139,584 (50%; $69,792). Resubmission of the FY15 proposal.

Leggette (Archer), H. (PI), Redwine, T., Jagger, C., & Wagner, S. (2017). #ChemicalAwareState: Enhancing farm chemical safety usage in Mississippi through an interdisciplinary educational and social media outreach campaign. Funded by University of Kentucky Southeast Center for Agricultural Safety and Injury Prevention; $7,005 (34%; $3,502.50).

Berthold, T., Lopez, R., Leggette (Archer), H. (Co-PI), & Wagner, K. (2015–2018). Little River watershed characterization. Funded by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality through the Environmental Protection Agency; $325,211 (20%; $65,042.20).

Hall, S., McWhorter, G., Leggette (Archer), H. (Co-PI), Strong, R. Jr., & Larson, J. (2015–2016). Biotechnology communications for journalists – Indonesia. Funded by USDA Foreign Agricultural Service; $63,311.20 (35%; $22,158.92).

Selected Extramural Funding In Review

Leggette (Archer), H. (PI), McCubbins, A., Anding, J., Capps, O., Jr., & Rutherford, T. (2018). Improving the health of Texas children through a diversified school lunch plate. Proposal submitted to USDA Food and Nutrition Service; $1,542,418 (20%; $308,483.60).

Chappell, T., Kerns, D., Sword, G., Leggette (Archer), H. (Co-PI), & Shim, W. B. (2018). FACT: Synthesizing cotton disease knowledge with agricultural logistics to develop decision support for cotton producers. Proposal submitted to USDA NIFA Agriculture and Food Research Initiative, Foundational and Applied Science; $497,921 (30%; $149,376.30).

Selected Publications

Jarvis-Whitaker, H., Leggette, H., & Barbeau, S. (2018). A marketing standpoint: What marketers can teach extension professionals about internet-based media. Journal of Extension.

Dewald, S., Leggette, H. R., Murphrey, T. P., Berthold, A., & Wagner, K. (2018). Landowners’ communication preferences for receiving water-related information. Journal of Agricultural Education, 59(2), 343–369. doi: 10.5032/jae.2018.02343

Leggette, H. R., Rice, A., Carraway, C., Baker, M., & Conner, N. (2018). Eye-tracking in education, communications, and leadership: A review of literature. Journal of Agricultural Education, 59(2), 79–108. doi: 10.5032/jae.2018.02079

Leggette, H. R., Hall, S. T., & Murphrey, T. P. (2017). A case study of Indonesian journalists’ participation in a Cochran Fellowship Program focused on biotechnology and journalism. Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education, 24(3), 52–66. doi: 0.5191/jiaee.2017.24305

Leggette, H. R., Whitaker, H. J., & Miranda, M. (2017). An examination of student development theory in the context of writing instruction. Journal of Applied Communications, 101(2).

Redwine, T., Leggette, H. R., & Prather, B. (2017). A case study of using metacognitive reflections to enhance writing skills and strategies in an agricultural media writing course. Journal of Applied Communications, 101(1), 56–68.

Leggette, H. R., & Redwine, T. (2016). Using Q methodology in agricultural communications research: A philosophical study. Journal of Applied Communications, 100(3), 57–67.

Leggette, H. R., McKim, B., & Homeyer, M. (2015). Perspectives of writing related to critical thinking and knowledge creation. NACTA Journal, 59(3), 275–284.

Leggette, H. R., Rutherford, T., Dunsford, D., & Costello, L. (2015). A review and evaluation of prominent theories of writing. Journal of Applied Communications, 99(3), 37–80.

Leggette, H. R., Rutherford, T., & Dunsford, D. (2015). A model to augment critical thinking and create knowledge through writing in the social sciences of agriculture. NACTA Journal, 59(3), 245–252.

Leggette, H. R., Jarvis, H., & Walther, D. (2015). Developing writing identity in an advanced agricultural communications media writing course. Journal of Applied Communications, 99(1), 67–78.

Leggette, H. R., & Jarvis, H. (2015). How students develop skill and identity in an agricultural communications course. Journal of Applied Communications, 99(1), 38–51.