Former Students

Become Involved


As a former student, you have ties to the department that last a lifetime. Even though you are no longer a student on campus, it doesn’t mean that you still don’t bleed maroon. Besides, our current students can benefit from hearing about your Aggie experiences, professional connections and career advice.

We want our students to understand and be a part of one of the greatest alumni networks in the country – the Aggie Network – and what better way than to bring the Aggie Network to them – through you.

So the next time you’re planning a trip Aggieland, contact us ahead of time to schedule a tour of our new building or to serve as a guest speaker. Or check out the other ways you can help advance the power of the Aggie Network.

Attend ALEC events

Each spring, our department hosts an awards reception for scholarship recipients and their donors. As a former student, you are always welcome at this annual reception. In addition, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences hosts a fall tailgate, so this is a great opportunity to catch up with department faculty and staff. Continue to check back often for new and upcoming events. Even if you can’t make it back to Aggieland, you can always help spread the news about any of our events to your colleagues and friends.

Be a guest speaker in an ALEC class

If you feel that your education from our department has made a difference in your life since graduation, and you would like to help fellow Aggies gain an awareness of their career path and professional world, contact us to find out about speaking opportunities. It’s important to connect our current students to our former students to help showcase the power of the Aggie Network and as a former student, serving as a mentor to current students and being open about real life experiences helps put them on the path to landing a job, acing an interview or volunteering to a cause that is close to them.

Be an ALEC Ambassador

Everyone can be an ambassador for our department! Spread the news of the great work our faculty and students are doing. Promote our undergraduate and graduate programs to potential students. You can visit the department to get a more up-close look at what we are doing or follow us on social media to stay in the know.

Invite students into your professional world

We are always looking for former students who can help offer a glimpse into their careers. If you happen to live in the area, contact us about setting up a time for one, or more, of our students to spend the day shadowing you at your job. Many of our students have a difficult time connecting their coursework to a job after graduation, so being able to see how they can use their education in the workplace will energize them to pursue a career that aligns with their interests and skill sets.

Tell us about professional associations and internship opportunities

High impact experiences such as internships and involvement with professional associations are extremely valuable for our students. If you know of opportunities in these areas, please let us know! If your company or organization offers internships, we invite you to visit the department to tell us more about these opportunities.

Stay Connected

You can stay linked to everything happening in our department in lots of way!

As a former student, you have ties to the department that last a lifetime, and you are the reason the Aggie Network is one of the strongest alumni networks in the country. We’d like to invite you to rekindle your connection and discover how you can be a part of our goal to change the world for the better!

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