International Development Minor (IDAG)

Minor in International Development (IDAG)

Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

The undergraduate Minor in International Development in Agriculture (IDAG) provides formal instruction in international agricultural development concepts and practical experiences through language acquisition, study/research abroad, and/or international fieldwork. The 18-hour IDAG curriculum prepares students for successful post-baccalaureate international careers, or those seeking graduate studies, particularly aligned with the Graduate Certificate in International Agriculture (INAG).

Students critically examine current international agriculture issues and/or topics in diversity and communications. IDAG coursework includes 12 credits of foundational concepts and 6 credits of upper-division foreign languages or approved international experiences.

Eligibility Requirements to Declare an IDAG Minor

Students must have:

  1. A cumulative 2.0 GPR or higher and be in good standing with Texas A&M University;
  2. A declared major;
  3. Completed 75 hours or less at time of application;
  4. A meeting with an IDAG advisor; and,
  5. Complete an IDAG Minor application.

Courses Requirements
All credits for the IDAG Minor must be completed with a C or higher grade.

  • Required Foundational Courses (12 credits) include:
    • Required:
      • AGCJ 491—Research (or IDAG advisor approved substitution)
    • Suggested Electives: (choose any three courses)
      • ALEC 350—Global Agricultural Issues
      • ALEC 425—Principles of Program Evaluation
      • ALEC 450—Global Social Justice Issues in Agriculture
      • ALEC 460—Applying International Development Theories in Agriculture
      • ALED 422—Cultural Pluralism in Agriculture
      • IDAG advisor approved substitutions for courses with an international foci not listed here
  • Required Practical Skills/Experiences (6 credits) include:
    • Upper-division, university-level foreign languages, or
    • IDAG advisor approved international experiences (e.g., study,  research, or internship abroad)

Application Procedures

The ALEC Department established application deadlines for all Change of Major and/or Minors as:

  • March 10
  • June 10
  • October 10

Applications for an IDAG Minor must be completed before deadline dates, for entry into the minor the following semester. Use this link to apply today:

Click here to apply for the International Development in Agriculture (IDAG) Minor

If you have questions about the IDAG Minor, please contact Gary Wingenbach at

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