AGCJ – Internships

Agricultural Communications and Journalism (AGCJ) Internship Requirements

Key Milestones:

  • Meet with your academic advisor about your internship plans.
  • Identify and arrange an internship suitable to your course of study.


  • Have completed AGCJ 105 or the equivalent, or permission of the instructor
  • Have identified and confirmed an internship or a position that will provide experience related to the communication field
  • Complete the internship information using the survey link provided by your advisor (required prior to course enrollment).

Credit Requirements and Policies

  • 200 clock hours of work equal three hours of internship credit, up to six hours of credit per semester or summer session may be earned and applied towards graduation. Internships of fewer than three hours can be arranged
  • Internship may be paid or unpaid, although we recommend arranging payment with your employer
  • AGCJ majors may count up to 6 hours of independent study (285 or 485) or internship (494) credit toward their 300- or 400-level course requirements (285/484/494 will not substitute for 312, 313, or 314). Majors may also count up to 4 hours of independent study or internship credit toward their agricultural emphasis area. No more than 10 total hours of variable credit coursework will be counted toward the 120-hour degree requirement.


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