Admissions and Changing to the AGCJ Major

Academic advising  for all ALEC majors are now serviced by AGLS Advising Center 2 at  where any of the advisors will be happy to assist you.

To schedule an appointment through Navigate, please go to: 

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Current TAMU Students

Change of major requirements can be found on the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Change of Major Information website.

Change of major deadlines:

Eligible students will be allowed to initiate a change of curriculum request starting ten business days after final grades post and ending on the 20th day of the semester. Student must be notified of a decision regarding their change of curriculum request on or before ten business days after posting of final grades. The curriculum change will be effective for the next academic term (per Texas A&M University Student Rule 5 Change of Curriculum).

The change of major application is found in Howdy.  A helpful video on how to fill out the application can be found here.

The Essay portion is required.  The essay should talk about why you are interested in AGCJ.  All other questions should be directed to the AGCJ advisor.

External Transfer Applicants

March 15—Summer/Fall
October 15—Spring

  • Must select AGCJ as first choice major.
  • Must meet TAMU Transfer admission standards.
  • Must have completed less than 75 hours.
    Less than 45 hrs: Must complete at least 21 hours of core curriculum including 1 core curriculum MATH.
    More than 45 hrs: Must complete all core curriculum.
  • Must discuss interest in the major in essay.

Readmission Applicants
April 1 – Summer
July 1 – Fall

November 1 – Spring

  • Must select AGCJ as first choice major
  • Must be within the university academic deficiency thresholds based on classification
  • Must be away from TAMU for 1 full academic year if TAMU GPA is < 2.0
  • Must have at minimum a 2.5 GPA on coursework since leaving TAMU
  • Must have completed all University Core Curriculum
  • Must discuss interest in major
  • Application will not be considered unless applicant has met with an advisor prior to application

Freshman Applicants
December 1—Summer/Fall
October 15—Spring

  • Must select AGCJ as first choice major.
  • Must meet TAMU Freshman admission standards.
  • Must discuss interest in the major in essay.

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