ALED Internships

The internship, a form of “experiential learning” (Kolb, 1984) and a “high impact experience” (Kuh, 2010), is designed to give students the opportunity to work in a setting related to their career interests.  The experience allows students to integrate leadership knowledge and skills through prior coursework and experiences within a professional setting.  Credit is awarded for 3 credits or 6 credits.  A full-time internship in a long term (fall, spring, or 10wk summer) involves approximately 400 work hours and results in 6 credits of ALED 494.  A half-time internship (about 200 hours) results in 3 credit hours.  ALED 494 credit may be used as an upper-level ALED elective.  Prerequisites: ALED 301 or 340, junior or senior classification; 2.0 GPR, approval of instructor.


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