The Undergraduate Honors Program at Texas A&M University offers an opportunity for highly motivated and scholarly students to participate in challenging university-wide academic study.  Leadership Honors allows students majoring in Agricultural Leadership & Development (ALED) or University Studies-Leadership (USAL-LED) to participate in honors curriculum specific to their major field of study.

Department Requirements to Graduate with Leadership Honors for ALED & USAL-LED Majors:

1.      Have a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.5
2.      Have a GPA of at least a 3.25 in honors courses
3.      No grade lower than a B in all honors courses
4.      Complete the following 18 credit hours of Honors classes:
· 6 hours of approved ALED Honors Courses
a.      Select from: ALED 301, 340
b.      See advisor for updated list as there is no guarantee of the semesters
· 6 hours of honors courses outside of the ALEC Department
a.      Recommended courses are ones that satisfy any University Core
Curriculum requirement, emphasis area, minor requirement or
directed  electives
· 6 hours of honors courses either in or outside of the ALEC Department
a.     See adivsor if you are interested in honors contracts, ALED 485: Directed
Studies, or ALED 491: Undergraduate research to satisfy this requirement.

Note: If approved by the University Honors Program Office, a maximum of 6
credit hours from AP/IB examinations and/or honors transfer credit may be used
to satisfy the requirements of Leadership Honors

Leadership Honors Recognition
All completed honors coursework taken at Texas A&M University will be designated as such on the student’s transcript to show that the student has participated in this enhanced curriculum. After graduation, the transcript will also note that the student has achieved the distinction of Leadership Honors, as well as any other university-wide honors distinction the student has completed.

Admission to Leadership Honors
Students interested in pursuing Leadership Honors are encouraged to speak with the Leadership Honors Coordinator to complete the application. Applicants are required to have a minimum 3.5 GPA and must apply no later than their 2nd to last semester at Texas A&M.

ALED Honors Courses
ALED 340
Survey of Leadership Theory. (3-0). Credit 3. Exploration of leadership as a scholarly discipline; critical analysis of and evolution of multiple leadership models and theories; synthesis of leadership theory through experiential learning; integration of course content with personal experiences. Prerequisite: Junior or senior classification.
– Fall semesters
– Open to majors and non-majors
– Satisfies UCC Social Science Elective

ALED 301
Personal Leadership Education. (3-0). Credit 3. Development, application and reflection of personal leadership capabilities through self-assessments and experiential learning activities; development of leadership identity through personal leadership inventories including strengths, personality type, values, vision and emotional intelligence. Prerequisite: ALED and USAL-LED major.
– Spring Semesters

Additional Information:

Program Overview

Student Application

Student Contract

Leadership Honors Coordinator

Reid Stavinoha (Schedule an appointment)
Room 274

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