Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate programs in Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications (ALEC) offer a unique combination of practical, hands-on skills and the critical people skills required for success in today’s fast-moving careers. ALEC offers four undergraduate degrees:

Agricultural Communication and Journalism (AGCJ)

Agricultural Science (AGSC)

Agricultural Leadership and Development (ALED)

University Studies – Leadership Studies(USAL-LED)

Most students take up to 33 hours of coursework in their specific major, 30 hours in technical agriculture or business, and 43 hours in University mandated core curriculum. University Studies-Leadership Studies majors choose two minors to compliment the leadership studies curriculum. All four majors have room for free electives, and many students opt to do minors or double majors in complementary fields.

The Department offers four minors:

Agricultural Communications and Journalism Minor (AGCJ)

International Development Minor (IDAG)

Leadership Minor (LDAG)

Extension Education Minor (EXED)


For more information about our department undergraduate majors and minors, academic advising is now being serviced by the AGLS Advising Center 2. The ALEC advisors will be happy to assist you. Visit https://aglifesciences.tamu.edu/academic-advisors/#ac2 to contact your advisor.

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