Graduate Certificates

Certificate Opportunities

The Department offers two types of certificates within our field of study: The Certificate in Agriculture eLearning Development and Certificate in Leadership, Education, Theory, and Practice.  The Agriculture eLearning Development certificate is obtained at a distance taking online courses, however, the Leadership certificate is obtained by taking on-campus courses.

Certificate in Agriculture eLearning Development

The Agriculture eLearning Development certificate is an innovative program that prepares students and professionals to develop sophisticated eLearning courses and programs to serve the eTraining needs of both public and private sectors of agriculture. Students are required to complete five online courses (14 credit hours) to earn the certificate which consist of ALEC 610, ALEC 611, ALEC 612, ALEC 613, and ALEC 685 (a Directed Study as a capstone course).

For more information to obtain the eLearning Certificate, contact Dr. Robert Strong,, or call 979-845-1139, or view the eLearning Certificate Brochure.

Certificate in Leadership Education, Theory, and Practice

The Leadership Education, Theory, and Practice Certificate will prepare students with the unique knowledge and skills required to apply leadership theory and put into practice these theories at any level in an organization. Students gain a substantive foundation of leadership theory, with the institutional focus on leadership situations and how to apply leadership theories to all professional organizations, including professional and civic. This emphasis consists of 14 credit hours. Required courses include, ALEC 606, ALEC 609 and ALEC 685 (a Directed Study as a capstone course).  Students then complete 6 additional credit hours; selecting 3 credit hours from ALEC 616 or ALEC 625;  and 3 credit hours from ALEC 607, ALEC 608, or ALEC 617.

For more information to obtain the Leadership Education Certificate, please contact Dr. Lori Moore at, or call 979-845-1295

Cost to Complete a Certificate

Either certificate may be completed as academic credit (active enrollment at Texas A&M University) or by Continuing Education. Cost for academic credit is based on Texas A&M University tuition and fees. Cost for continuing education credit is $525/course. These costs do not include expenses related to required software or textbooks.

If an individual is not enrolled at Texas A&M University as a degree seeking student, either certificate may also be completed by enrolling at Texas A&M University in Non-Degree (G6) Admission status.

For more information to complete certificate as a Non-Degree (G6) student or as Continuing Education, please contact the Graduate Coordinator by email,, of phone 979-862-7180.


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