Leadership & Learning Communities

ALEC offers a variety of leadership and collaborative learning communities. The following programs are intended for undergraduates who wish to cultivate strong intercultural, social, and personal leadership skills while enrolled at Texas A&M University.

Dr. Joe Townsend '67 Leadership Fellows meet with U.S. Rep Bill Flores

Dr. Joe Townsend ’67 Leadership Fellows meet with U.S. Rep Bill Flores

Leadership Living Learning Communities (L3C)

  • The L3C program is a partnership between ALEC and the Department of Residence Life. Students learn leadership skills in this specially designed program by interacting with each other in the same residence hall, enrolling in purposely designed courses for their cohort, and participation in a set of diverse co-curricular activities which complement their academic program. The program’s primary goal is to enhance students’ personal leadership development.

Dr. Joe Townsend ’67 Leadership Fellows Program

  • This program strives to cultivate executive leadership and employs intense leadership immersion techniques. This program is open to students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (COALS). ALEC sponsors the program and is facilitated by Dr. Jen Williams.

Cultural Leadership Understanding and Exploration for Sophomores (CLUES)

  • CLUES is a collaboration between ALEC and the Department of Multicultural Services. The program provides an opportunity for sophomore students to immerse themselves as leaders in multicultural and diverse environments across campus and beyond. The program brings together students from different academic concentrations and focuses on leadership, multiculturalism, and diversity.

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