High Impact Experiences

The faculty and staff in the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications work to offer its students high impact experiences (HIEs) while enrolled at Texas A&M University.

ALEC’s HIE program provides structured experiences which deepen learning and foster student engagement through actively solving problems, working collaboratively in a community of peers, applying knowledge to real-world situations, and stressing meaningful reflection. HIEs commonly consist of internships, collaborative learning communities, research, multicultural/diversity learning, service-learning, and intensive writing. Many of ALEC’s HIE projects combine at least two or more of these elements in order to offer students the most enriching, impactful, and potentially life-changing experience possible.

ALEC student engaging with youth in Guatemala

ALEC student engaging with youth in Guatemala

HIE Scholarship Funding

Students participating in ALEC study away/abroad or attending a national or regional conference may be eligible for a HIE academic scholarships. Applicants must be currently enrolled in a major in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and participating in an appropriate high-impact experience. The deadline for study away/abroad travel is currently closed. The deadline for HIE applications for conference travel is May 1, 2020. An application may be submitted by clicking here.

HIE Program Design

ALEC has designed its HIE program to offer a variety of paths to a more enriching, impactful, and practical university learning experience. The program has opportunities in the following areas:

Cultivating Leadership & Learning in Collaborative Communities
Exploring Diversity & Multiculturalism
Practicing Hands-on Learning & Research
Dr. Joe Townsend Fellows
"Leading Change" Costa Rica Study Abroad trip

“Leading Change” Costa Rica Study Abroad trip

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