As part of the ALEC community, the Department provides information about several student opportunities to engage in and enhance their learning experience. For more information about each, select the links below:

High Impact Experiences – High impact experiences (HIE) provide structured experiences which deepen learning and foster student engagement through actively solving problems, working collaboratively in a community of peers, applying knowledge to real-world situations, and stressing meaningful reflection. HIEs commonly consist of internships, collaborative learning communities, research, multicultural/diversity learning, service-learning, and intensive writing.

Student Organizations – We support our students to be actively involved in student organizations. There are an array of student organizations to partake to enhance leadership skills, build professional skills, and enable connections with other students.

Scholarships – Departmental scholarship applications open and become available on the University Scholarship web page every fall semester. Awardees are notified during the following spring at the ALEC Awards Reception and funds are dispersed the impending fall.

Assistantships – ALEC offers competitive assistantship positions available to qualified individuals. Specific assignments are made based upon the needs of the Department and the experience of those applying.

Study Abroad

These experiences are reviewed and approved by Texas A&M University Education Abroad office.

Belize – Students will be able to list and apply principles of planned change, identify methods of change in contexts, influence the introduction, adoption, and diffusion of technological strategies, describe ways of predicting and minimizing undesirable consequences of change, and enhance communications skills for change facilitation.

Costa Rica – This program focuses on the innovative practices for sustainable development and biodiversity in the international and rural environments of Costa Rica. The program includes field trips to Arenal Volcano National Park, Los Lagos Hot Springs, Ecologic Farms, and Tamarindo. Term: Wintermester

Greece – This program focuses on personal leadership development in the context of Greek culture. Students gain a broader perspective on European agriculture and culture in Thessaloniki, at the American Farm School, and at the Dimitris Perrotis College. Students take weekend excursions to Athens, Delphi, and Mount Olympus. Term: Summer I

Namibia – Experience all that Namibia has to offer while learning photography and experiencing African culture in this Maymester trip. Students will be introduced to Namibian agriculture, native people and cultures, and geography ranging from the golden Namib Desert (the oldest desert in the world) grasslands in the Etosha National Park that are home to lions, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes and more.

Mexico – This hybrid program features application of adult learning theories in realistic agricultural and adult education settings while learning about Central Mexico’s culture and heritage. Coursework and activities focus on adult education and cultural pluralism in agriculture in Mexico.

Study Away – The following faculty-led domestic “study away” trips expose students to the rich multicultural history of the United States and allow them to conduct field research and participate in personal reflection during the experience.

Internships – Internships are noted as a high impact experience and we encourage our students to seek out available opportunities.

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