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Dr. Dara Wald

Wald, Dr. Dara
Dr. Dara Wald
Associate Professor
AGLS 257
Undergraduate Education
B.A., Biology, Brandeis University, 2004
Graduate Education
M.S., Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, The University of Florida, 2008
Ph.D., Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, The University of Florida, 2012
Finalist for the Andrew Carnegie Fellowship (junior scholar) from the Carnegie Foundation, 2020
Nominated for the Early Research Award, Iowa State University, 2020
Nominated for the Earth Leadership Program, Future Earth, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, and UC Boulder, 2020
Cassling Innovation Award, Iowa State University, 2019
Dean’s High Impact Award for Undergraduate Research, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Iowa State University, 2018, 2019
NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant Awardee. Decision, Risk and Management Sciences Program, 2011-2013
Agricultural Women & Vam C. York Graduate Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Leadership, 2011

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Research Areas

Examining the cultural, situational, and psychological drivers of conflict, collaboration, and agro-environmental behavior; Analyzing message design in agricultural and environmental contexts, with an emphasis on promoting effective scientific communication that maximizes the benefits of science and technology for people and the environment.

Research Skills

Surveys, interviews, focus groups, experimental design, mental models, text analysis

Graduate Certificate in Environmental Education and Communications, 2012
Graduate Certificate in Tropical Conservation and Development, 2012

Professional interests

Environmental, risk, and science communication, citizen science and public engagement; environmental and agricultural education

Selected Extramural Funding

Being CHANGE/Seeing CHANGE (2019-2020). Renewable Energy Group. Amount Awarded: $8,500. PI: L. Schulte Moore (NREM), Co-PI: D. M. Wald.

Increasing Farmer Engagement with Conservation Practices through more Effective Communication Strategies: A Media Content Analysis, Stakeholder Survey, and Digital Message Test. (09/01/19 –12/31/2021). Iowa Nutrient Research Center. Amount Requested: $115,742; Co-PIs: L. Witzling, D.M. Wald. Collaborator: J.Comito (Iowa Learning Farms).

Initiative for Cultivating Human and Naturally reGenerative Enterprises (I-CHANGE) (2018-2022). Presidential Interdisciplinary Research Initiative (PIRI). The objective of this project is to spearhead scientific breakthroughs that promote the production of nutritious food, green energy, healthy soil, clean water, and abundant wildlife through regenerative mechanisms that encourage an agricultural transformation. $741,480; PI: L. Schulte Moore (NREM), Co-PI: J. G. Arbuckle, R. Brown E. Heaton, M. Helmers, A. Janke, K. Kimle, M. Liebman, M. McDaniel, J. Niemi, D. M. Wald.

Bridging the Gap: Understanding the Role of Trust and Credibility in Science Communication. Presidential Interdisciplinary Research Seed Grant Program, ISU (2018 –2020). $49,514; PI: D. M. Wald. Co-PIs: M. Dahlstrom, K. Hunt. Collaborators: C. Bain, B. Burke, A. E. Smith, L. Schulte-Moore, H. Rogers, J. Wolt (ISU), J. Goodwin (NC State).

USDA/FSA: Outreach to Women Landowners to Enroll in CRP (2016). Sub-contract through the Women, Food and Agriculture Network. Amount requested: $50,000. PI: Bridget Holcomb (WFAN) and J. Eells (E resources group). Sub-contractor: M. Dahlstrom, J. Geske, D. M. Wald.

Promoting Empathy and Collaborative Decision Making for Natural Resource Management using a Computer Mediated Scenario (2015-2018). National Science Foundation, Decision Risk and Management Sciences. AN: 1530847. $449,090; ISU PI: D. M. Wald. ASU PI: E. Johnston. Co-PIs: A. Vinze, E. Segal, N. Wellman (ASU).

Empowering Leadership to Transform Arizona’s Water Future: From Crisis to Choices (2015). Proposal for Community Foundation Arizona Prize. $5,000; PI: Ray Quay. (ASU). Co-PIs: B. Adame, S. Corman, M. Elser, R. Maciejewski, K. Peige, D. Sampson, M. Simpson, D. M. Wald, D. White.

A Solution Space for Development Thinking (2014-2015). Next Generation Sustainability Project, Walton Sustainability Solution Initiative. $300,000; Co-Principal Investigator. PI: H. Eakin and E. Hackett, Co-PI: S. Burnsilver, S. Klinksky, D. Manuel-Navarette, D. M. Wald.

Mentoring Underrepresented Women and Women From Developing Countries in Research on Environmental Sustainability (2011-2016). NSF RCN-SEES: The Global Research Network on Women in Sustainability. AN: 1140182. $749,697; PI: G. Bowser, Co-PI: A. Coubrough, B. Loiselle, E. Davis, K. Sieving. Collaborator: D. M. Wald.

Selected Publications

Witzling, L., Wald. D.M., Williams, E. (In Review) Differences in stakeholders’ news: Comparing coverage of a nutrient reduction policy in agricultural and non-agricultural news outlets in Iowa.

King, A.J., Wald, D.M., Coberley, D.D.,* Dahlstrom, M.F., Plummer, P.J. (In Review). Understanding Science Communication Challenges about Antimicrobial Stewardship in Animal Agriculture: Insights from Stakeholders

Wald, D.M., Smith, A. E., Huinker, M.* (In Review). Scientific lectures boost scientific source credibility among conservatives and students.

Witzling, L. Wald, D.M., and E. Williams* (2021). Communicating with farmers about conservation practices: Lessons learned from a systematic review of survey studies. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation.

Slagle, K., Wald, D.M., Hamm, J., (2021). Editorial: Advancing a cross boundary social science of trust in natural resource management. Frontiers in Communication, Science and Environmental Communication. doi: 10.3389/fcomm.2021.691613

Dietsch, A., Wald, D.M., Tully, B., and Stern, M. (2021). An understanding of trust, identity, and power can enhance equitable and resilient conservation partnerships and processes. Conservation Science and Practice. https://doi.org/10.1111/csp2.421

Wald, D.M., Johnston, E. W., Wellman, N., and Harlow, J. (2021). How does personalization in news stories influence intentions to help with drought? Assessing the influence of state empathy and its antecedents. Frontiers in Communication, Science and Environmental Communication. https://doi.org/10.3389/fcomm.2020.588978

Veldman, R.G., Wald, D.M., Mills, S., and Peterson, D. (2020). Who are American evangelical Protestants and why do they matter for US climate policy? WIREs Climate Change. https://doi.org/10.1002/wcc.693

Hunt, K.P. & Wald, D.M. (2020). The role of scientific source credibility and goodwill in public skepticism toward GM foods. Environmental Communication, 14(7): 971-986. https://doi.org/10.1080/17524032.2020.1725086

Wald, D.M. and Peterson, A. (March 15, 2020). Cats and Conservationists: The Debate Over Who Owns the Outdoors. New Directions in the Human-Animal Bond. Purdue University Press. 158 pages.

Wald, D.M., Nelson, K. A.*, Gawel, A.M.* and Rogers, H.S. (2019). The role of trust and credibility in public acceptance of invasive species management on Guam: A case study. Journal of Environmental Management, 1(229):133-144 doi.org/10.1016/j.jenvman.2018.06.047

Peterson, D.A.M., Carter, K.C.*, Wald, D.M., Gustafson, W., Hartz, S., Donahue, J., … Van Middendorp, A.J. (2019). Carbon or cash: Evaluating the effectiveness of environmental and economic messages on attitudes about wind energy in the United States. Energy Research and Social Science, 51:119-128 doi.org/10.1016/j.erss.2019.01.007

Wald, D.M., Segal, E. A., Johnston, E. W., and Vinze, A. (2017). Understanding the influence of power and empathic perspective-taking on collaborative natural resource management. Journal of Environmental Management, 199(1):201-210 doi:10.1016/j.jenvman.2017.05.030

Bixler, P., Wald, D.M., Leong, K., Ogden, L, and Johnston, E. (2016) Network governance for large-scale natural resource conservation and the challenge of capture. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. Special Issue on Network Governance & Large Landscape Conservation, 14(3): 165-171 doi: 10.1002/fee.1252

Wald, D.M., Longo, J., and Dobbell, R. (2016). Design principles for engaging and retaining virtual citizen scientists. Conservation Biology, 30(3):562-570 doi: 10.1111/cobi.12627

Wald D.M., Lohr C.A., Lepczyk, C.A., Jacobson, S.K., and Cox, L.J.  (2016). A comparison of cat-related risk perceptions and tolerance for outdoor cats in Florida and Hawaii. Conservation Biology, 30(6):1233-1244 doi: 10.1111/cobi.12671.

Cheeks, L.H., Stepian, T.L., Wald, D.M., and Gaffar, A. (2016). Discovering news frames: An approach for exploring text, content, and concepts in online news sources. International Journal of Multimedia Data Engineering and Management (IMJDEM), 7:45-62. doi: 10.4018/IJMDEM.2016100103