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Dr. Summer Odom

Odom, Dr. Summer
Dr. Summer Odom
Associate Professor
218 Agriculture and Life Sciences Building - AGLS
(979) 862-7650
Undergraduate Education
B.S. Food Science and Technology (Texas A&M University) 1999
Graduate Education
M.S. Agricultural Education (Texas A&M University) 2001
Ph.D. Educational Human Resource Development (Texas A&M University) 2011
Dean’s Outstanding Achievement Award for Excellence in Service - 2014
Texas A&M President's Award for Academic Advising- 2009
Courses Taught
ALED 301 Personal Leadership Education
ALED 400 Public Leadership Development
ALED 481 Seminar
ALED 485 Directed Studies in Agricultural Leadership and Development
ALED 380 Leadership Literacy through the Media
ALED 491 Undergraduate Research
ALEC 616 Facilitation of Leadership Programs

Research Topical Area

Collegiate Leadership Education, Delivery Strategies in Teaching Leadership, Core Beliefs/Values in Field of Leadership Education

Research Skillset

Survey research including online surveys, content analysis

Research Framework

Selected Publications

McKee, V.* Odom, S. F., Moore, L. L., & Murphrey, T. P.  (accepted). Impacts of an agricultural leadership extension program for county officials.  Journal of Agricultural Education.

Odom, S. F., Burbank, M.*, & Reed, D. W. (accepted). An examination of a graduate learning community in a college of agriculture. NACTA Journal.

Murphrey, T. P., Odom, S. F., McKee, V.*, & Christiansen, C.* (accepted). A qualitative examination of success factors for tenure-track women faculty in postsecondary agricultural education.  Journal of Agricultural Education.

Dunn, A.*, Odom, S. F., Moore, L. L., & Rotter, C. (2016). Leadership mindsets of first-year undergraduate students: An assessment of a leadership-themed living learning community. Journal of Leadership Education, 15(3), 151-169. doi: 1012806/V15/13/R6

Murphrey, T. P., Odom, S. F., Sledd, J.* (2016).  An examination of university agricultural education faculty attitudes toward the implementation of high impact learning experiences.  Journal of Agricultural Education, 57(3), 162-179.  doi: 10.5032/jae.2016.03162

Burbank, M.**, Odom, S. F., & Sandlin, M. R. (2015).  A content analysis of undergraduate   students’ perceived reasons for changes in personal leadership behaviors. Journal  Of Leadership Education, 14(2), 182-197. doi: 1012806/V14/I2/R12.

Odom, S. F., Andenoro, A., Sandlin, M. R., & Jones, J.* (2015).  Undergraduate leadership students’ self-perceived level of moral imagination: An innovative foundation for morality-based leadership curricula.  Journal of Leadership Education, 14(2), 129-145doi: 1012806/V14/I2/R9.

Odom, S. F. (2015).  Undergraduate student perceptions of the pedagogy used in a leadership course: A qualitative examination.  Journal of Leadership Education, 14(2), 17-29.  doi: 1012806/V14/I2/R2.

Odom, S. F., Ho, S. P.*, & Moore, L. L. (2015).  An examination of the outcomes of the undergraduate leadership teaching assistant experience as a high-impact practice in leadership education.  Journal of Leadership Education, 14(2), 100-117. doi: 1012806/V14/I2/R7 .

Ho, S. P.*, & Odom, S. F. (2015).  Mindsets of leadership education undergraduates: An approach to program assessment.  Journal of Leadership Education, 14(1), 92-106. doi: 1012806/V14/I1/R6