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Dr. Lori Moore

Moore, Dr. Lori
Dr. Lori Moore
Associate Professor & Associate Department Head for Undergraduate Programs
252 Agriculture and Life Sciences Building - AGLS
(979) 862-3001
Undergraduate Education
B.S. (Texas A&M University) 1994
Graduate Education
M.S. (Texas A&M University) 1996
Ph.D. (University of Florida) 2003
Courses Taught
ALED 481: Seminar
ALEC 602: Advanced Instructional Design in Agricultural Science
AGSC 402: Designing Instruction for Secondary Agricultural Science Programs
ALED 125:  Leadership Learning Community I
ALED 201:  Introduction to Leadership
ALED 225 Leadership Learning Community II
ALED 340:  Survey of Leadership Theory
ALED 380:  Workshop in Agricultural Leadership
ALED 426:  Leading and Training Adults
ALEC 606: Foundations of Leadership Theory
ALEC 609: Learning Organizations


Research Topical Area

Collegiate Leadership Programs, Delivery Strategies, Adult Education/Training

Research Skillset

Training and Development, Needs Assessment, Delphi/Nominal Group Technique

Research Framework

Selected Publications

Moore, L. L., & Bruce, J. A. (2015). Teaching leadership in the experience economy. Journal of Leadership Education, 14(4), 106-113. doi: 1012806/V14/I4/I3

Velez, J. J., McKim, A. J., Moore, L. L., & Stephens, C. A. (2015). A nationwide assessment of the scope and impact of agricultural leadership education. Journal of Agricultural Education, 56(1), 116-126. doi: 10.5032/jae.2015.01116

Odom, S. F., Ho, S. P.*, & Moore, L. L. (2015). An examination of the outcomes of the undergraduate leadership teaching assistant experience as a high-impact practice in leadership education. Journal of Leadership Education, 14(2), 100-117. doi: I012806/V14/I2/R7

Moore, L. L., & Stewart, A.* (2015). An empirical analysis of the literature cited in the Journal of Leadership Education. Journal of Leadership Education, 14(1), 174-187. doi: 1012806/V14/I1/R11

Odom, S. F., Shehane, M.*, Moore, L. L., & McKim, B. R. (2014). An analysis of a high-impact field experience in agriculture: documenting critical thinking skills through reflection. NACTA Journal, 58(3), 214-220.

Lockett, L., Moore, L., & Wingenbach, G. (2014). A global worldview among Extension professionals: A case study of best for study abroad programs. Journal of Extension [On-line], 52(4). Available at http://www.joe.org/joe/2014august/a3.php

Odom, S. F., Ho, S. P.*, & Moore, L. L. (2014). The undergraduate leadership teaching assistant (ULTA): A high-impact practice for undergraduates studying leadership. Journal of Leadership Education, 13(2), 152-161. doi:10.12806/V13/I12/A2

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Moore, L. L., Odom, S. F., & Moore, K. T.** (2013). What a degree in agricultural leadership really means: exploring student conceptualizations. Journal of Agricultural Education, 54(4), 1-12. doi: 10.5032/jae.2013.04001