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Dr. Gary Briers

Briers, Dr. Gary
Dr. Gary Briers
Professor and Senior Scientist, Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture
AGLS 244
(979) 862-3000
Undergraduate Education
B.S. (Agricultural Education), Texas A&M University
Graduate Education
M.Ed. (Agricultural Education), Texas A&M University
Ph.D. (Agricultural Education), Iowa State University
Courses Taught
AGSC 384; 425; 436; 484; ALEC 622; 690

Research Topical Area:

Experiential education/learning. Agriculture-human interactions (e.g., therapeutic effects of animals and plants on people) Internationalization and Globalization

Research Skill Set:

Quantitative research methodology, statistical/data analysis, use of SPSS. Evaluation of educational interventions.

Professional Interests:

Agricultural Teacher Education; Research Design/Methodology; Teaching Methodology; International Agricultural Development

International Assignments:

1999 Orel State Agricultural University, Orel, Russia

2001 Moscow State Agro-engineering University, Moscow, Russia

2002 Timyarazev Agricultural Academy, Moscow, Russia

2005-2007 Armenian State Agrarian University, Yerevan, Armenia

2008 “Team Borlaug” team member, agricultural assessments of eight provinces in southern Iraq

2010 Republic of Georgia—agricultural assessments, particularly of agricultural colleges outside Tblisi, and assessment of capacity building project in Tbilisi

2010 Baghdad, Iraq—monitoring and evaluation, Inma Project, Louie Berger and USAID

2011 Trinidad and Tobago—part of team developing reuseable learning objects (RLOs) for Higher Education Challenge Grant—Texas A&M University, University of Florida, and University of Georgia

2011 Baghdad, Iraq—evaluation of Department of Agricultural Extension, University of Baghdad

2012 Uganda—part of team working in agricultural education, communications, and policy—along with capacity development—throughout Uganda

2012 Kurdistan Region of Iraq—Iraqi Agricultural Extension Revitalization Project.  Conducted workshops with agricultural extension personnel in Duhok, Iraq, and evaluated extension certificate program in Erbil, Iraq

2010-2012 Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (UNALM), Lima, Peru