Namibia has a long history of embracing sustainability and environmental consciousness. Interest in climate change and the potential influence on the nation’s future are a high priority for the government as evidenced in its national research and developmental priorities. Since gaining independence in 1990, Namibia continues to set an example in West Africa. Namibia has a stable democracy, relatively high adult literacy rate (85 percent according to the U.S. State Department), and a well-established education system. The nation and its people are well positioned to benefit from Value Chain Economics. The ongoing program will also provide an excellent, time-tested template to eventually transfer the program to other nations across Africa and around the globe. Working with the Desert Research Foundation of Namibia is a priority of the program.



Bios for Namibia Fact Sheet with photos Official August 2009

Bios for Namibia Fact Sheet w photos Official November 2009

Collaborative and Leveraged Activities

Chronological Perspective

Conference Booklet

HED Application

Letter to the Ambassador

Strategic Plan

Resumes of Project Partners 

November 2009

Resumes of Namibian Partners

Strategic plan

One page abstract


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