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A national study ranked the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications (ALEC) at Texas A&M University as the second most distinguished program in agricultural education in the United States. Our faculty is cited as a distinguishing feature along with research, graduate programs, variety of programs, communication programs, and teacher education.

The Department includes a student-centered faculty and staff that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees leading to professional careers. Graduates are uniquely equipped for leadership, education, communication and training roles in the broad field of agricultural sciences and human performance.

We aspire to be great teachers and mentors. We aspire to public service and extension as willing servants rather than as assignment-bound bureaucrats. We learn, laugh, and work together…learning to change the world!

Come and learn, laugh, work, and change the world with us!

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs – As a current graduate student, you may need access to graduate forms, current degree requirements, and more. Select the appropriate link for your needs.

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