Grand Vision

Our Grand Vision

The Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications (ALEC) is the largest department in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Our students have always had a reputation for being the best, and our Grand Vision positions us to ultimately give our students the very best.

We are poised to expand our facilities by 20,000 square feet (sf), giving our students and faculty the space, software and technology they need to be the innovative agricultural leaders, educators and communicators of tomorrow. This expansion includes an Agricultural STEM Laboratory, an entire building dedicated to providing applied STEM instruction to our agricultural education teachers, who will then train the next generation of career and technical education workforce professionals.

Be a part of our growth and expansion

You can make a major impact on the lives of our students right now. As a department, we are passionate about helping our students succeed. By providing them an enriching environment to learn, explore and immerse themselves in the Aggie culture, we are building the foundation that will shape the Aggie experience for the next generation of students. You can be a part of our growth and expansion by investing in the newly planned 20,000 sf Agricultural STEM Complex.

Our Grand Vision is the first step in making this all happen. The physical face of Texas A&M University may change over the years, but the heart, dedication and unwavering service of our students and faculty remain focused on the same principles that guided our department when it first began at Texas A&M.

Your Investment Matters

Your investment goes beyond that of monetary support and gives us a firm foundation upon which we build the future agricultural leaders, educators, and communicators of tomorrow. Achieving our Grand Vision will allow us to grow and continuously raise the bar on our academic initiatives.

Did you know?

  • The number of students and faculty continues to grow, but teaching, research and project space remains the same.
  • Agricultural education teachers are being trained in an 80-year-old building with outdated equipment 12 miles from the Texas A&M campus.
  • State-of-the-art facilities is the best – and only – way to impact all students.

Our Grand Vision is an opportunity to invest in the success of our students and faculty, and give them the world-class facilities they need to pursue and achieve greatness.


You can make a major impact on the lives of our students right now. No donation is too small. Please consider joining us as we endeavor to reach higher and serve students like never before. Together, with your support, we can achieve our Grand Vision.

Foundation Gifts

For more information on Foundation gifts, contact Kelsey Christian, director of development

Kelsey Christian ’02
Director of Development
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Texas A&M Foundation

Corporate Relations

For more information on our Grand Vision and the department’s development mission, contact Dr. Jack Elliot, department head

Dr. Jack Elliot, department head Dr. Jack Elliot
Department Head
Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications

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