Advisory Board

The Advisory Board provides objective external guidance to the Department and support for the Department’s development strategy, and academic and scholarship initiatives.

Service on the Advisory Board requires a passion and enthusiasm for helping advocate for the department, and a willingness to provide insight and feedback on the department’s mission and means by which to achieve it.  Members are selected based on their demonstrated leadership, influence and professional accomplishment within the field of agriculture and related disciplines. All board members serve a three-year-term and are representative (by degree or career) of our four major departmental programs: agricultural communications and journalism; agricultural leadership development; agricultural science; and Extension.

Advisory Board Members

Randy Berry
Scott Bormann
Bud Box
Tom Curl
Bud Force
Dora Ann Gostecnik
Marcus Hill
Steven Lastovica
Warren Mayberry
Thomas Randle
Corey Rosenbusch
Katie Rosenbusch
Ruben Saldana
LeRoy Shafer
Kelly Tidwell

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