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Texas Innovators features Dr. Leggette’s science communications research

Holli Leggette, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications and director of the Science Communications Lab, devotes her time to researching new ways for science communicators to better convey information to their audiences. In a time where information is continuously pushed out on social media platforms, information literacy is increasingly important. Instead of stating statistics and scientific information, science communicators should be striving to share information that can not only be understood, but engaged with. Leggette’s research aims to help science communicators educate… Read More →

Through the lenses of information literacy: Enhancing science communicators’ ability to identify, understand, and disseminate scientific information

Dr. Holli Leggette and Ms. Carolyn Jackson The public has access to more information now than they ever have and are continuous targets for notifications from their easy-to-access smartphones. On the other end of those notifications are often science communicators sifting through mass amounts of information to make sense of information for a consumer who is inundated with information and make decisions about the information to disseminate. Yet, in a world where information is key, many science communicators lack information literacy skills. The goal of this project is… Read More →

USDA funded project to better prepare students for rigorous college programs and future careers

Faculty members in the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications received $298,000 from the United States Department of Agriculture to develop and test communications and decision-making curriculum for students enrolled in secondary and two-year post-secondary education programs. As part of the three-year project, Fueling the Mind, Feeding the World, Holli Leggette, Ph.D., and Theresa Murphrey, Ph.D., and their team of an instructional designer and undergraduate and graduate students will develop and deliver 14 online reusable learning modules designed to prepare students for the communication and decision-making demands… Read More →

Immersing students in immersive technology

From the moment that we wake up in the morning, technology is a part of our daily routine. Many of us wake up to an alarm set on our cell phones, click on our smart TV’s to catch the morning news and a quick check of our email before, syncing our phones to the radios in our cars on the way to work. It only makes sense that more technology is on its way to the classroom. The effective use of educational technology in the classroom offers students… Read More →

Critically Thinking About Ways to Improve Critical Thinking

A recent study conducted by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU) revealed that 81 percent of employers believe that critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills are quite important when selecting college graduates as new employees. Unfortunately, a vast majority of universities fall flat when it comes to teaching this learning outcome to students. At the moment, very few methods have been developed to teach critical thinking skills and the ones in place only scratch the surface. Dr. Barry Boyd, associate professor in the Department of Agricultural… Read More →

Developing a new generation of international aid workers

A collaborative project through the United States Department of Agriculture’s Higher Education Challenge Grant Program aims to increase the effectiveness of future international agricultural development workers through on-the-ground training and high impact experiences. Researchers from the Texas A&M Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications (ALEC); Sam Houston State University; and Auburn University have partnered with Christianville Foundation, Inc. in Haiti to provide graduate students the opportunity to immerse themselves into the daily struggles of Haitians. During their week overseas, students work alongside Haitians in Christianville to identify… Read More →