Transferring to A&M

Basic Specifications:
  • 120 hours
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Agriculture
  • 18 hours of teacher preparation coursework
  • 45 hours of agricultural related coursework
    • 9 hours AGSM related coursework
    • 9 hours HORT/SCSC related coursework
    • 10 hours ANSC related coursework
    • 6 hours AGEC related coursework
    • 11 hours Ag electives
  • 42 hours of general core curriculum
    • 9 hours of science
    • 6 hours of math (NOT College Algebra)
  • 15 hours of student teaching included in the degree plan

Transfer Student Entrance Requirements:

  • Minimum of a 2.5 overall GPA on a miniumum of 24 graded hours (TAMU calculation may be different than the transfer institution). Though this is the minimum needed, having a higher GPA will make you more competitive for admission.
  • Students should not repeat courses in which a D was earned—for the most part, Ds do transfer to A&M; repeating a course DOES NOT replace a grade—both grades count when A&M calculates your GPA.
  • Students MUST have an expressed interest in teaching agriculture and secondary certification. This is typically determined through the essay portion of the admissions application and meeting with an advisor in the department.
  • Students MUST earn a GPA of 2.75 on Texas A&M hours prior to student teaching.

Helpful hints:

  •  University core courses are the best use of your time before you come to A&M To make sure a course transfers to Texas A&M, use the
  • The courses you will take will prepare you for a variety of careers; however, our primary objective is to prepare your for the Agricultural Science classroom.
  • Salaries currently range from $29,000-54,000 for teachers starting in this field depending the school district and the length of contract.

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