Spring 2017 Student Teacher Next Steps

  • Post your autobiography, and resume to your website.  Email the pre interview questionnaire and your web address to JNorgaard@tamu.edu .  Fill out the criminal history check consent form from Jamie Norgaard on the second floor of the AGLS Building, Rm 248.
  •  After paperwork is received, interview with any two of the following Teaching Workgroup Committee Members:  Dr. Briers, Dr. Murphy, Dr. Edney, Mr. Hancock, or Kasee Smith.  Call ahead to schedule an appointment (845-5622).  Dress is professional and each interview should take only about 30 minutes.  All interviews should be completed prior to 1st day of Fal 2016 classes.
  • The Teaching Workgroup Committee will meet after the interviews to discuss placement options for all prospective student teachers.  Schools and teachers will be provided with your placement information so they can also make a decision as to your “fit” with their program.
  •  Sometime after October 31 — You will be notified of your placement for the following semester.  Your initial placement email will have information on the school, the teacher, and the community.
  • Upon receiving your placement email, you should immediately contact your cooperating center to discuss an appropriate time to visit, housing concerns, etc.
  • If you have specific concerns about your placement, you should make arrangements to visit the center to make sure that it is an appropriate match for you.  CHANGES IN PLACEMENTS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE VISITED THE ASSIGNED SCHOOL/TEACHER.
  • You will observe at your cooperating center for a period of 5 days BEFORE starting the BLOCK.  This should happen at the  beginning of next semester, when your school starts the first week of school (typically after the Christmas Holiday).
  •  The BLOCK is a FULL TIME JOB.  You will be preparing to teach these two weeks.  The schedule will vary, but you should plan to be “working” from 7:30 a.m. to at least 5:30 p.m. (and sometimes later) Monday through Friday.
  • Because of the intensity of student teaching, you will not be able to complete any coursework outside the 15 hours you will be enrolled in for student teaching.  You will also not be able to have outside employment because of the full-time work associated with student teaching (full days of teaching, plus after school and weekend activities).
  • Your dress and behavior while on the BLOCK and while teaching should reflect PROFESSIONALISM and a COMMITMENT to TEACHING!
  • This is an EXCITING time for you—we are doing everything we can to make sure that it will be the best possible experience!

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