USAL-LED Degree Plan

Degree Plans
University Studies-Leadership

Fall 2013 Degree Plan [docx] [pdf]

Fall 2012 Degree Plan [docx] [pdf]

Fall 2011 Degree Plan [docx] [pdf]

Fall 2010 or older Degree Plan [docx] [pdf]

Directed Electives

Directed Electives (DE) are 300- or 400-level courses taken at Texas A&M that relate specifically to the student. Students must make a C or better in the course and need advisor approval for the course to apply as a DE. To receive the approval, either email the advisor the course you wish to take and why or discuss the course with the advisor at an appointment.

Students can take an additional upper-level ALED course or find a course outside of our department to satisfy the DE. The courses must be relatable directly to you and your future career. A DE can NOT be used to satisfy your minors or leadership area of concentration (it must “stand alone” on the degree plan.)

If you wish to change a minor or want to substitute a course in for a minor requirement, you must speak directly to the Advisor for that minor. If you receive permission to change your minor or substitution, you must provide your USAL Advisor that permission in writing! An email from the minor Advisor or form signed by them is sufficient.

Change of Minor Form

University Core Curriculum (UCC)
University Core Curriculum are courses that each student at Texas A&M must complete in order to graduate, not matter what major you are seeking. UCC electives are specific to  course catalogs, so be sure to check YOUR course catalog for your UCC options. Course catalogs are determined by the semester you began at Texas A&M.

TAMU Course Catalogs:


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