Vision / Mission

Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications
Vision and Mission Statements
Final Version:  12-11-09

Vision (Very Short Version)
To discover, educate, serve, and inspire.

Vision (Short Version)
We advance the scholarship in our field of study  through innovative approaches to teaching, research, and outreach. We provide balanced academic curricula that link science, technology, leadership, education, communications, and human performance systems. We are recognized as one of the premier programs of agricultural leadership, education, and communications worldwide and forge interdependent relationships with other world-class programs that share complementary missions and assist those programs aspiring to serve their countries and the world better.

The Vision of the Department (Long Version)
Collectively, we contribute to our field of study through multiple forms of scholarship, student education in the broad field of agricultural sciences and human performance, and serving stakeholders with vested interests in agricultural leadership, education, and communications.

We strive to be great teachers and caring mentors. We seek new insight and understanding of relevant public issues through innovative approaches that validate our scholarship. We provide public service, extension, and outreach as proactive citizens who desire progressive, empowered communities. We are a learning community that integrates each member’s unique knowledge, skills, and abilities for collaborative outcomes. We measure success through both the value stakeholders place on our work and its impact on society.

We are a worldwide leader for agricultural leadership, education, and communications focusing our collective efforts on important issues.  Our goal is to make a positive difference in our stakeholders’ lives through the communication of crucial information related to agricultural sciences and human performance.

The mission of the Department is to improve the quality of life and well-being of individuals and communities in Texas, in the nation, and in the world through high-quality teaching, research, extension, and outreach programs that communicate crucial information for agricultural sciences and human performance.

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