Graduate Students Awarded at Student Research Week

Four graduate students, along with Robert Strong, Ph.D., Associate Department Head for Graduate Programs, in the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications, placed in the graduate oral presentations of the 2021 Texas A&M University Student Research Week.

Carmen Benson and Strong placed first in the public service graduate session. Benson gave an oral presentation over their research titled “Towards More Inclusive Higher Education Globally: Priorities for Gender Equality.”

Chin-Ling Lee and Strong placed first in the agriculture graduate session. Lee presented their research titled “Precision Agriculture Adoption Benefits: A Synthesis of Literature from 1999-2020.”

Tatum Hardy placed first in the sociology graduate session. Tatum gave an oral presentation titled “The Concerns-based Adoption Model: Applications for Targeting Farmers Concerns with the Adoption of Water Use Efficiency Programs in the Mediterranean Region.”

Bethany Busa placed second in the same category with her oral presentation titled “Women’s Implications of Food Insecurity, Agricultural Involvement and Extension Education on Reproductive Health in Developing Countries.”

Student Research Week is the largest student-run research conference in the nation. It is a four-day competition that serves to highlight student research at Texas A&M University. It is supported by the Graduate and Professional Student Government and several academic and non-academic departments on campus.

For more information about Texas A&M Student Research Week, a full list of winners, and oral presentation abstracts, visit the Student Research Week website.

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