ALEC professors contribute theme articles to The Agricultural Education Magazine

Now, more than ever, our professors have been driven to adapt to an ever-growing technological world. Online technology has become one of the most important tools they use to get their message across.  Their online article contributions greatly help to not only actively engage their students and colleagues, but others interested in their teachings.

Dr. Theresa Murphrey and co-authors Dr. Anna Bates, a graduate of ALEC’s doctoral program, and colleague Caitlin Stanton contributed a theme article to the Agricultural Education Magazine in the July/August 2020 issue focused on Simple Tips to Effectively Promote Your Program Using Technology.  At a time when COVID-19 has driven everyone and everything online in one way or another, this article offers simple guidance to ag teachers as to how to bring about awareness of their program via virtual video messages.  The article offers a series of tips and tricks to help fellow ag teachers succeed in getting the message out about their programs.

Dr. Jack Elliot’s and co-author Kerri Vance’s theme article The Modern Pen Pal is about Virtual Student Exchange between Texas A&M University and the Moroccan University of Mohamed VI Polytechnic (UM6P) students. The focus is for students to study each other’s cultures, comparing differences and similarities while engaging in lessons about Global Issues in Agriculture. Six African countries are represented in the UM6P course, which will be taught in English.

The Agricultural Education Magazine is a professional journal for agricultural education published under the sponsorship and control of an editing-managing board of professional educators in the field.

The July/August 2020 issue with the theme Moving the Agricultural Education Experience Online is the first completely online Agricultural Education Magazine.

To read the whole articles please go to  The Agricultural Education Magazine July/August 2020 Volume 93 Issue 1

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