ACTER Executive Director

The Association for Career and Technical Education Research (ACTER)  selects ALEC Ph.D. student, Nicole Dietzel, as their first Executive Director. Nicole assisted then President-Elect Jack Elliot with the 2019 ACTER Conference. Nicole will manage the administrative logistics of the Association for Career and Technical Education Research (ACTER) and to provide staff support that enables the ACTER Executive Committee to perform the leadership functions of ACTER. Nicole will coordinate the planning, organization, and operation of the CTE Research and Professional Development Conference (annual conference) in cooperation with ACTER President-Elect and Conference Planning Committee (CPC): Facilitate contracts with ACTE, the hotel, and related contractors; set up meetings of the CPC; assure that CPC members understand and perform their assigned tasks; monitor monthly conference registration numbers; prepare the conference program, nametags, and other conference materials; coordinate on-site registration and conference evaluation; and complete other operational activities. However, given that the conference will be virtual, she will make arrangements to involve the membership using distance delivery platforms.

Nicole is currently writing her dissertation on the safety and security of early career international development workers. Her research interests are in international development, leadership, gender, and adult education. In her free time, she enjoys remodeling projects and spending time with her dog, Xochi.

Nicole worked with Dr. Jack Elliot this past year as a teaching assistant and was instrumental in the successful Namibia Virtual High Impact Experience which “took” 17 students to Namibia for two weeks in May. Elliot commended, “Nicole’s enthusiasm and her virtual education background make her a perfect fit to help ACTER achieve an effective virtual conference this December.”

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