Aggie spirit award


It is such a privilege and an honor to present Ty and Taylor Sutton as the Aggie spirit award. They are both examples of tremendous courage in spite of great hardship.  Both Ty and Taylor are Agricultural Leadership & Development majors and in the Corps of Cadets here at A&M. They were diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy at a very young age, but they do not let being in a wheelchair hold them back!  Both Ty and Taylor are known in the Corps for being there at formations and participating to the fullest extent in Corps activities. Dr. Summer Odom had the privilege of Ty being a student in my class this semester.  I have students go on “walk and talks” at the beginning of class to meet new classmates.  Ty could easily elect to stay in the classroom (as some students do), but he choose to go and meet someone new each time.  Ty also desires to help Veterans who have PTSD in the future to show them how to overcome debilitating injuries and all the things possible when confined to a wheelchair. Taylor’s work has been praised by instructors as some of the most thoughtful in the class and her work is done at a very high caliber. Taylor was also quoted as saying “You may have the assumption that ‘she’s in a wheelchair so she can’t do this,’ but actually I can do those things and so much more.” Both Ty and Taylor always have a smile on their face and are a joy to be around!

I could not just nominate one of these twins without the other as I think they are both exceptional students and truly embody the characteristics of this Aggie Spirit Award. Congratulations to Ty and Taylor!!

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