Through the lenses of information literacy: Enhancing science communicators’ ability to identify, understand, and disseminate scientific information

Dr. Holli Leggette and Ms. Carolyn Jackson

The public has access to more information now than they ever have and are continuous targets for notifications from their easy-to-access smartphones. On the other end of those notifications are often science communicators sifting through mass amounts of information to make sense of information for a consumer who is inundated with information and make decisions about the information to disseminate. Yet, in a world where information is key, many science communicators lack information literacy skills. The goal of this project is to develop a rigorous instructional unit for teaching information literacy within the context of science communication. The impacts and outcomes of the project will be measured using the following three target objectives: 1) Increase students’ knowledge about information literacy in the context of science communication, 2) Improve students’ ability to make sense of information for mass consumption, and 3) Identify and deliver information literacy tools for students’ use.

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