ALEC-led team awarded Presidential Transformational Teaching Grant

pina murphrey

A team led by Dr. Manuel Piña, Jr. has received one of ten Texas A&M University Presidential Transformation Teaching Grants (PTTG). The two-year, $60,000 grant is to develop gender-sensitive curricula that emphasizes the role and value of women in all societies. The title of the project is “Gender Lensed Curricula for International Development.”

Team members include: Dr. Theresa Murphrey from the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications and Drs. Silva Hamie, Reyko Huang, Valerie Hudson, Raymond Robertson and Leslie Ruyle from the Bush School of Government and Public Service.

The goal of the project is to produce six gender-sensitive modules that can be incorporated into courses across the university or serve as the foundation for a new course. The modules will address six key international impact areas with an emphasis on the role and value of women in development. The areas are: (1) food, agriculture, natural resources, and human sciences, i.e., food security; (2) global value chains, e.g., the apparel industry; (3) natural resource and environmental conflicts; (4) post conflict and disaster and reconstruction, and (5) transnational security, i.e. the study of the transnational criminal underworld and policy responses to it. (6) A sixth module on gender analysis will overarch all five impact areas.

“I have been engaged in international development work for over 30 years, yet when my students raise questions about the role of women in development, I am caught flat-footed,” Piña said. “I can only provide anecdotes based on my experience and limited reading. We need research-based curricula about this important topic that can be incorporated into our courses. It is imperative that we prepare our graduates to not only be sensitive to the roles of women in development but also to how we may take women into account as we prepare our future international work.”


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