Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications department hires new Agricultural Science faculty member

OP McCubbinsDr. OP McCubbins is bringing some new insight to the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications (ALEC). McCubbins comes to us from Tennessee Technological University’s faculty and was previously an agricultural science teacher in Northern Kentucky.

“I’ve only been with Texas A&M for a short while, but I love the atmosphere of the campus,” said McCubbins. “Everyone is eager to help and it makes it feel like home!”

Along with his experiences from Kentucky and Tennessee, McCubbins secured his doctoral degree from Iowa State in the spring of 2016.

While there, he taught Farm Management and Operations, a capstone course for agricultural studies students. Students enrolled in the course were solely responsible for the management and success of an actual Midwestern farm.

“I hope to share my love of technology with the students here at A&M,” said McCubbins. “I’m also looking really forward to sharing the Texas Aggie football experience as well.”

McCubbins intends to continue his recent research that concentrates on exploring the utility of augmented and virtual reality within agricultural education to implement here at Texas A&M.

His augmented reality research will concentrate on providing various applications centered on agricultural education within informal learning environments, as well as virtual reality simulations for veterinary science applications.

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