Enocksen Elected to Represent Texas A&M, Department, Nationally

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Enocksen

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Enocksen

By: Mollie Lastovica

One of the ALEC Department Public values statements calls for the department to encourage students and faculty to “derive answers and solve local, national, and global problems.’ Jennifer Enocksen, junior agricultural communications and journalism major, will have the opportunity to face new challenges at the national level. She was recently elected to serve as second vice-president of the National Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow organization through Aug. 2014.

Enocksen and four additional national officers were elected at the 2013 National ACT meeting held in Buffalo, New York, in conjunction with the Agricultural Media Summit Aug. 3-7.

“I really wanted the opportunity to represent Texas A&M University on a national level,” Enocksen said. “Also, I wanted to become more involved in ACT as an individual and felt that becoming a national officer would be a huge step in the right direction.”

According to their website, the National ACT organization strives to develop agricultural communications students both professionally and educationally by building relationships and working through various agricultural communications programs across the country.

Enocksen notes a strong sense of teamwork among the officers as they work together to achieve common goals and promote the organization.

“We have a lot of goals this year,” Enocksen said. “From student and alumni relations to fundraising and creating student scholarships—there is no better way to be plugged into the agricultural communications industry and the opportunities that are there for us than being a member of ACT.”

As second vice-president of the organization, Enocksen is responsible for fostering relationships with alumni networks and facilitating networking opportunities for agricultural communications students in different universities across the nation. She will also manage the organization’s blog that will feature guest writers from ACT members from various chapters.

“I hope to spark interest in ACT through our blog as well as social media,” Enocksen said. “I really want more students to be aware of ACT and what we can do for them as an organization.”

Aside from her national office position, Enocksen serves as secretary of the Texas A&M University ACT chapter.  The Texas A&M chapter has rolling and open membership and meets bi-monthly, providing students with the chance to hear from industry leaders and speakers.

“ACT offers countless opportunities for students,” Enocksen said. “From business trips to workshops and national conventions, there are many ways to meet future employers and sharpen your communications skills. All you need to do is show up!”

For Enocksen, membership in the ACT organization has already proven beneficial and she knows that it will continue to pay dividends.

“Being a part of ACT and the National ACT officer team will allow me to meet many future coworkers and employers while providing valuable communications experience,” Enocksen said. “I’m really looking forward to traveling and meeting students and professionals across the nation that share a common passion for agricultural communications.”

The Texas A&M ACT chapter will have a booth at MSC Open House on Sept. 1 where they will announce the first meeting date.

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