Students Recognized at Annual Awards Banquet

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By: Mollie Lastovica

Outstanding students in the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications were recognized at the ALEC Awards Reception April 12. Awards and scholarships were presented to recognize student achievement both extra-curricular and academic success.

Each major in the department recognized outstanding freshman, sophomore, junior, senior and non-traditional students.


Agricultural Communications and Journalism

Outstanding Freshman: Claire Whitfield

Outstanding Sophomore: Amantha Hons

Outstanding Juniors: Alexis Benningfield, Allyson Heil

Outstanding Seniors: Josh Hardcastle, Mollie Lastovica

Outstanding Non-Traditional Students: Barbara Hosler, Mark Spillers


Agricultural Science

Outstanding Freshman: Madison Talbert

Outstanding Sophomore: Katlin Keppler

Outstanding Juniors: Sophie Judson, Kelby McCorkle

Outstanding Seniors: Shelby Adair, Lockie Breeding, Mallory Haas, Ashley Hambleton, Cassidy Key


Agricultural Leadership and Development

Outstanding Freshman: Kaylie Walker

Outstanding Sophomore: McKenzie McLaurin

Outstanding Juniors: Courtney Elliott, Jana Kubecka

Outstanding Seniors: Ramiro Cabrera, Everleigh Hayes, Kaleb McLaurin, Ethan Westfall

Outstanding Non-Traditional Students: Christine Cruz, Jason Haas


University Studies—Leadership

Outstanding Sophomore: Leah Gonzalez

Outstanding Juniors: Hannah Bowling, Joshua Sloan

Outstanding Seniors: Adriana Burnett, Cash Fields, Sergio Moreno, Hailey Mullins, Leah Wakefield


Graduate Students

Outstanding Masters Student: Caroline Black

Outstanding Doctoral Student: Annie Specht

Outstanding Doc@Distance Student: Amber Dankert

Recipients of the outstanding student awards believe that this recognition shows the generosity and compassion of the department.


“I am happy to be recognized as an outstanding student, because it shows the department really does look at their students and cares enough about their students to recognize them,” McCorkle said.


The Henry Ross Scholastic Achievement Award recognizes one student in each major who graduated in the previous year with the highest grade point average for their major.

The 2012 recipients were:

Lindsay Garrett, AGCJ, 3.857 GPA

Will Doss, AGSC, 3.805 GPA

Erin Zeto, ALED, 3.805 GPA

Zachary Nowak, USAL, 3.857 GPA


Recipients of the Scholastic Achievement Award are proud to be recognized for their academic success.

“It is an honor and surprised me,” Doss said. “I am kind of a perfectionist, so I guess sometimes it pays off to strive for perfection.”

In addition to the student achievement and academic awards, the department awarded 16 different scholarships to over 35 students.


Christopher David Breen ’96 Memorial Scholarship

Leah Gonzalez, USAL, sophomore

Siddiq Hasan, USAL, junior


Herman D. Brown ’53 Endowed Scholarship

Mariah Bryan, ALED, sophomore

Leigh Grimm, ALED, freshman

Courtney Elliott, ALED, sophomore


Thomas L. Curl Endowed Fund for Excellence

Jacquelyn Hill, AGCJ, junior

Mollie Lastovica, AGCJ, junior

Kathryn Hodgin, AGCJ, junior

Rachel Wales, AGCJ, sophomore


R.B. Dooley ’39 Endowed Graduate Scholarship

Jenny Jenkins, ALEC, masters


M.E. Graves ’50 Scholarship

Cash Fields, USAL, senior

Taylor Kooken, ALEC, masters


Marcus E. Hill ’71 Endowed Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications Student Teacher Scholarship

Bridget Henderson, AGSC, senior


Susie Kendall ’03 Endowed Scholarship in Agricultural Leadership and Development

Morgan Hein, ALED, junior

Kaleb McLaurin, ALED, junior


Whitley DeKoch Lowry ’10 Memorial Scholarship

Kaleb McLaurin, ALED, junior


Carol and Horace McQueen ’60 Endowed Scholarship

Karina Farias, AGCJ, junior

Andrew Knight, AGCJ, sophomore

Colt Gresham, AGCJ, junior


Frank W. Sheppard, Jr. ’47 Graduate Assistantship

Kevin Andrews, ALEC, masters

Bethanie Yeaman, ALEC, masters

Dustin Coufal, ALEC, masters


Charlie B. and Jean G. Smith Endowed Scholarship

Ramiro Cabrera, ALED, senior

Kelsey Hirsch, ALED, junior

Jana Kubecka, ALED, junior

Brynna Diller, ALED, sophomore

Julia Horn, ALED, senior

Ashley Skeels, ALED, junior

Bobbi Frieda, ALED, sophomore

Daylon Koster, ALED, sophomore


J. Lawson Sowell ’29 Endowed Scholarship

Kelsey Costan, AGSC, senior

Lindsey Nyquist, AGSC, senior

Joshua Mashburn, AGSC, sophomore

Courtney Overstreet, AGSC, sophomore


Dr. Chris Townsend Endowed Leadership Scholarship

Estefania Garza, USAL, junior

Taylor Whittlesey, ALED, sophomore


Ralph, Linda and Louise Ward Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Agricultural Leadership

Shiloh Perry, ALED, senior


G. Rollie White FFA Scholarship

Will Doss, ALEC, masters

Kelby McCorkle, AGSC, junior


Scholarship award winners are grateful for the financial assistance provided to them through the department.

“Most students receive funding before they enter college, but it is an honor to be part of a department where we are supported financially and generally throughout our college experience,” Whittlesey said. “I am so grateful for people that care about my success at Texas A&M University. This speaks wonders about the support students receive from the Aggie Network.”



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