Undergraduate Research Reception Gives Students Insight on Research Opportunities

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By: Mollie Lastovica

In order to expose undergraduate students to the myriad research opportunities available in the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications, Assistant Professor Theresa Murphrey, Ph.D., coordinated the ALEC Undergraduate Research Reception that took place March 19.

“The reception aimed to foster an opportunity for students to learn more about the research process and to expand working relationships with faculty,” Murphrey said.

Graduate Research Assistant Orry Pratt worked with Murphrey to promote the event. He believes that the reception was a great opportunity for undergraduate students to engage with faculty members and learn about research.

“Faculty and graduate students shared their experiences in research and offered advice for those who may be considering graduate school,” Pratt said. “This event intended to assure that all undergraduate students learn about the various opportunities that exist, no matter what the class level.”

The reception was a great resource for students who were unaware of opportunities that exist or not sure about graduate school.

“It allowed some of us to see what was in store in pursuing a graduate degree in ALEC,” said Matt Luna, senior agricultural leadership and development major. “Going into it, I wasn’t sure what graduate program I might choose, but it informed me a lot about how to know what to look for when applying for graduate school.”

Current graduate students helped facilitate the discussion groups and shared their research experiences with interested students.

“It is important to understand the importance of undergraduate research and how undergraduate research opens many opportunities like graduate school and career opportunities,” said academic adviser and graduate student Sarah Ho.

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