Bethany Nolan Serves Greek Life as Officer on Collegiate Panhellenic Council

Bethany Nolan

By: Mollie Lastovica

Bethany Nolan has taken her involvement in Texas A&M University’s Greek Life to the next level after being selected in Dec. 2012 to serve as the Collegiate Panhellenic Council’s Vice President of Campus and Community Relations through Dec. 2013. Nolan is a sophomore agricultural communications and journalism student, also pursuing a minor in horticulture. She is a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority.

“I chose to run for the Collegiate Panhellenic Council because I wanted to become involved in Greek Life and opportunities that Greek Life offers on Texas A&M’s campus,” Nolan said. “The Collegiate Panhellenic Council is the coordinating body of the 12 National Panhellenic Conference sororities and one Associate Member Chapter represented at Texas A&M University. The Council is comprised of an 11 member Executive Board, along with one delegate and one alternate from each member group.”

Her role on the CPC Executive board makes Nolan responsible for coordinating joint events with other Greek Councils and student organizations, providing leadership opportunities and resources both on and off campus and assisting with the group’s most prominent campus and community-wide event, Redefinition Week, to take place April 15-18.

“Redefinition Week is a week to enhance women’s confidence and empower the women of Texas A&M and within the Bryan-College Station area,” Nolan said. “I supervise our Director of New Member Programs, Director of Community Service and Philanthropy and Director of Academics. I plan to tremendously impact the women on our campus through the Career Workshop we will be putting on and the showing of the film, Miss Representation.”

Aside from her aspirations of running a successful Redefinition Week, Nolan hopes to increase Greek Life awareness across campus and work to better unify organizations that serve under the umbrella of Greek Life.

“In my position, I plan to help our community better understand what the Collegiate Panhellenic Council does to help all sororities and work with the three other councils in Greek Life,” Nolan said. “I hope to promote Greek Life across campus by involving individuals and groups in different events we will have.”

All of her efforts contribute to the lofty goals set by CPC for 2013.

“We hope to really have a huge impact on the students on our campus, especially women,” said CPC President Alice Schneider. “The CPC provides women with a platform to be better seen and heard in the community. We also hope to spread the message of the true sorority experience and the ways in which it can enhance your college career at Texas A&M.”

Nolan speaks highly of the Greek Life experience and encourages prospective students to consider involvement in sororities and fraternities upon starting at Texas A&M.

“A word of advice that I have for prospective students considering going into Greek Life would be to prepare to be a part of the most dynamic, service-oriented organization on campus,” Nolan said. “The Collegiate Panhellenic Council is the largest women’s organization at Texas A&M University with over 2,100 members. The opportunities are endless when you join a Greek organization, from leadership to having an academic support network. Our fraternal values are long-standing. Going Greek is a great way to make lifetime friends and be a part of a familial bond away from home.”

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