Edney Practices Servant-Leadership through the Association for Career and Technical Education

Edney Graphic no box

By: Mollie Lastovica

Last November, more than one election was taking place. Amidst the federal election season mayhem, the Association for Instructional Materials, a division of the Association for Career and Technical Education, held an election of its own, culminating with Continuing Education Assistant Professor Kirk Edney, Ph.D., assuming the role of Vice President.

“I am most looking forward to the opportunity to examine curriculum products from other entities,” Edney said.

He notes the importance of quality curriculum in education and hopes that his service as Vice President will impact the industry in a positive way.

“Effective curriculum is essential to providing effective instruction,” Edney said. “Identifying and recognizing those individuals and entities that develop and distribute high-quality CTE curriculum materials move the organization and education forward as a whole.”

This position will also contribute to his work within the department as he is in charge of secondary agriculture, food and natural resources curriculum development and distribution through ALEC’s Instructional Media Services Unit. Not only does serving as Vice President of one of ACTE’s 11 divisions allow him to grow professionally, but also, Edney points out the importance of service in his personal life.

“I am interested in curriculum development and I believe in the concept of servant-leadership,” Edney said. “If an individual thinks something should be done, that individual must be willing to stand up and do it.”

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