ALEC student helps coordinate Ag Open House, student leaders interact

Ag Open House Serves as Hub for Organizations and Student Leaders

By: Mollie Lastovica

Student leaders within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences gathered in Rudder Exhibit Hall on Wednesday, September 7, for the purpose of promoting student organizations. Hosted by the Freshman Leadership Experience, Ag Open House cumulated more than 20 student organizations and a number of students eager to learn about the opportunities to get involved within the college.

Sophomore agricultural leadership and development student Bobbi Frieda coordinated the second annual event as part of her FLE Assistant Director role.

“I would say that Ag Open House was definitely a success,” Frieda says. “There appeared to be a lot of interest within the college and we had a lot of freshman, transfer and even upperclassman students show up and show interest in the various organizations that were there.”

Frieda worked throughout the summer to recruit organizations within the college and to promote the event to current students using outlets such as e-mail and Facebook.

“It is crucial to get to know people within your college,” Frieda says. “I was in charge of open house and still, when I showed up I learned more about the different opportunities we have within the college.”

Frieda gives credit to her ALED major for enabling her to effectively plan an event such as Ag Open House.

“My major has taught me how to communicate effectively and how to make something seem appealing,” Frieda says. “With ALED, I have learned how to target an audience.”

Housed within the ALEC Department, the Future Agricultural Science Teachers organization, Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow and the ALEC Aggie Reps, were three of the clubs represented at the open house.

“The open house was a great experience for ACT,” ACT President Megan Haas says. “It allowed students who had not heard about us find out who we are and what we are about. Communications is needed in any field and students who are not AGCJ majors got to find out about how ACT can help them by stopping by our table.”

Senior agricultural science student Ashley Hambleton, President of FAST, also praised the open house for its benefit to her organization.

“Our mission this semester is to increase membership and to help our members build relationships amongst each other which will benefit them in their future careers,” Hambleton says. “Ag open house was a great opportunity for FAST to reach students enrolled in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences who are interested in becoming an agricultural science teacher.”

For the President of the ALEC Aggie Reps, junior agricultural communications and journalism student Caitlin Powers, Ag Open House in itself represented the opportunity that the Reps organization tries to encompass.

“The reps serve the department by representing the department on the student level as well as on the college and university level. We are promoting the department and helping to tell the department’s story,” Powers says. “The Ag Open House benefited Reps by allowing ALEC students to hear about the opportunity they have to be a Rep for the department and see exactly what we do as an organization.”

By giving organizations the opportunity to recruit at large and allowing students to see an overview of what the college has to offer, the FLE Ag Open House was truly a win-win for all parties involved.

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