Tom Payne Joins ALEC Team as Management Analyst

By: Mollie Lastovica

In May 2012, Tom Payne joined the ALEC team as Management Analyst for Texas AgriLife Extension. Payne graduated from Texas A&M University in 2002, earning a Bachelor of Science in agricultural development with an emphasis in educational technology.

“I have been working in software development and information systems management for a little over 13 years,” Payne says.

He notes that the umbrella title of Management Analyst includes a wide array of job responsibilities and duties.

“A Management Analyst could be anyone from ‘The Bobs’ (the consultants on Office Space) to Tank (the guy reading the scrolling code in The Matrix),” Payne says.

His previous work experience includes coordinating curriculum development for the College of Veterinary Medicine, general information technology for the system Assessment and Validation for Emergency Responders project through the Texas Center for Applied Technology and, most recently, working with the online education initiative with the Texas Engineering Extension Service.

Payne was surprised when he was notified of the Management Analyst position, but now looks forward to the opportunity to work with Texas AgriLife Extension and the ALEC department.

“I was caught off guard when I received a call describing the position I now fill with ALEC,” Payne says. “That was a good call to take.”

With his new position, Payne is most excited about the team he will be working with and the challenge of the job.

“The people I work with directly are great and the department generally has a pretty upbeat mood,” Payne says. “I am a fairly challenge driven individual and the opportunity to help redefine the way Extension treats and looks at data is exciting.”

Ultimately, Payne hopes to make a positive difference in Texas AgriLife Extension through their data collection and analysis programs.

“If I do nothing else before I retire here, I will have helped reshape the way our Extension collects, stores, manages, analyzes and reports on the data our employees collect every day,” Payne says.

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