ALEC and AgriLife Extension welcome new extension assistant

By: Michelle Payne and Taylor Demski

The Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications and AgriLife Extension Organizational Development are pleased to welcome Holly Jarvis, Ph.D., Extension Assistant for Evaluation. Jarvis brings a wealth of knowledge and professional experience in education.

Growing up on a farm with both her parents employed as public school teachers, Jarvis understood the importance of agriculture and education from a young age. Years later, Jarvis earned her bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics at Texas A&M. In 2005, she earned a master’s degree in education from Oklahoma City University and followed in 2006 with a master’s degree in theology from Baylor. In May, Jarvis completed her doctorate in the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communications at Texas A&M, specializing in evaluation and qualitative research methods.

In her new position, Jarvis will be analyzing reports and statistical data from extension programs. As a result of her analysis, she will assist educators by helping them gain feedback and measure improvement. She will help them determine if their program has achieved its objectives. Through formative evaluation, educators are able to identify opportunities and develop new efforts. Professors are encouraged and further motivated as a direct result of evaluation from extension assistants like Jarvis.

Jarvis said, “My passion is helping people become better people.  I love working with Extension because it provides a broad opportunity to see people’s lives become more functional and more meaningful because of the programs we provide.” She truly loves her job and looks forward to opportunities to learn and work with extension educators across Texas.

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