AGCJ in Practice: Jordan Williford

By: Angela Cox

Students in the ALEC department are able to put the skills they learn in class to work every day.  One example is a recent graduate of the agricultural communications and journalism program, Jordan Williford ’12.

Williford put theory into practice during her last semester at Texas A&M University by serving as managing editor for the campus newspaper, The Battalion.

“I am a journalism major and I really wanted some outside experience on what I was learning in class. I talked to Mr. Nelson [an AGCJ Assistant Lecturer], who is very involved with the Batt and he told me he thought it would be a great idea. I applied for the news part and worked my way up over the years” said Williford.

“My time here at TAMU has taught me where the next step should be and where I want it to be, now the Batt has taught me responsibility; I get to put what I am learning in the classroom into action. Working here has taught me both technical and people skills. I learned from the Batt that a perfect paper does not happen every time, but you have to try every time to get better,” said Jordan.

Jordan is not sure what the future holds for her but she knows she can handle wherever it takes her.

“I would love to write for papers long term when I am done with school. It will just all depends on where the job is and what the job is for,” said Williford.

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