Editor-in-Chief Kelbye Gaskill

By: Angela Lin

Yearbooks preserve the memories of students’ faces, organizations and events. All these amazing times fit into one book, but the real story isn’t in the book, it’s the people behind the pictures and words.

Meet Kelbye Gaskill, a 2012 agricultural communications and journalism graduate. “Yearbook has been a huge part of my life,” said Gaskill, who served as the 2012 editor-in-chief of Texas A&M University’s yearbook, Aggieland.

Gaskill took a liking to the making of a yearbook while still in high school. She held different positions at in the production of her high school yearbooks, including photo editor and editor-in-chief.  While a student at TAMU, Gaskill started off as a sports section editor for Aggieland and had worked her way up.

Now, as editor-in-chief, Gaskill does a lot of delegating. She hired and managed staff of section editors and writers, assigned stories and design layouts for each page of the yearbook.

Working with Kelbye is a joy,” said ALEC graduate student Kalee Bumguardner. “She’s such an amazing person and I’ve loved watching her grow into the incredible yearbook editor that she is.”

With 700+ pages in the 2011 yearbook, Gaskill took a different approach to the 2012 issue.  “I didn’t want to stress my writers out about getting a certain quantity of stories rather than good quality of stories,” Gaskill said. “I wanted to focus more on good writing and good photography.”  For the 2012 issue, Gaskill will cut the number of pages to 600.

Bumguardner said, “Her creativity and enthusiasm for the Aggieland shines through everything she does.”

Gaskill will be graduating this year, a year earlier than planned, and is hoping to find a job designing books or magazines and writing stories.

The 2012 Aggieland yearbook will be coming out in the fall.

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