ALEC Department Welcomes New Faculty Member

By Debbie Prince

New faculty member Roger Hanagriff, Ph.D., brings something unique to the Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications Department (ALEC): an agribusiness background.

Hanagriff has taught agribusiness courses at Sam Houston State University and worked in farm management. He is currently teaching agribusiness at Texas A&M University – Kingsville in addition to his position with the ALEC department.

His assignment with ALEC is increasing professional development for agricultural education teachers through the department’s Instructional Materials Service (IMS) unit.

Creating a large series of professional development courses for Texas teachers is his top priority. Hanagriff is surveying a group of Texas teachers to identify potential topics for a workshop series this summer.

Past educational efforts have been focused on the teacher with the information then transferred to the student, but Hanagriff is developing educational materials that are focused on the student first.

“Teachers today aren’t able to educate in a one–to–one setting,” Hanagriff said, “and they need assistance to provide that one–to–one experience for the student.”

He said the lessons he is developing offer a unique approach and he thinks that is where the future is headed.

“I want to get more personal with students,” Hanagriff said. “I want to create small, educational lessons that have a very, very focused topic and I want to create it in a dynamic way where the student feels involved.”

Hanagriff was part of the collaborative effort between IMS, Texas A&M University and Texas A&M University – Kingsville to create, a website with instructional tools that helps teachers enhance supervised agricultural experiences (SAE’s). That collaboration, funded through a Texas Education Agency grant, is an example of what Hanagriff brings to the department.

Hanagriff is also working on supervised agricultural experiences development projects, science, technology, engineering, and math integration and course assessments for use by agricultural science teachers. He has service and research partnerships with the Texas Department of Agriculture, Texas Citrus Valley Committee, Texas Travel Industry Association, Texas Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus, Santa Gertrudis Breeders International, Texas Education Agency, and U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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